Welcome to Trauma Training


We are developing a wide range of training resources to help everyone understand trauma and tools to help recovery.


Below are our 3 FREE basic trauma-informed webinars of about 10 minutes each.

They’re free and live here and on our YouTube channel so you can watch them anytime and as often as you need. The audio is in English and have the option for sub-titles in most languages.


As they’re live on our YouTube channel you can access the sub-titles. To do this, all you need to do is click on the, 'Settings', tab on the video screen (it looks like a small cog) and then click the, Subtitles/CC, tab and select your subtitle language e.g. Welsh on the first list. If you click the ‘Auto Translate’ tab you can select your global language of choice e.g. Ukrainian.


We can also offer bespoke trauma training courses online, in-person or via hybrid delivery. There will be a fee for this type of training which would cover preparation, delivery, travel, evaluation and administration. To discuss your training needs please contact, Jane Deamer at jane@crysalys.org or call 07495 53911.


Here’s some feedback from our training course participants.


‘Really well presented, very clear and at the right level. Very welcoming and inclusive.’


‘Totally gave me a greater degree of clarity and knowledge around the types of trauma, the impact of this on young people and strategies to help young people recognize and manage this.’


‘Excellent content, good trainer, good use of discussion and visual materials.’


‘Well paced, time for discussion and reflection, flexible learning environment and knowledgeable trainer.’

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